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Maintenance shared hosting

We are planning an maintenance window for our shared hosting to improve […]

shared hosting mysql06

2017-02-22 21:50 The server and the services are up and running again. […]

Network disturbance KNA1

2017-02-04 17:15 The issues have been resolved. We are still investigating the […]

Disturbance shared hosting

2017-01-07 22:40 After a small denial of service attack all services are […]

Issues with Shared web hosting

2016-12-28 22:10 All issues have been resolved. 2016-12-28 21:30 We are seeing […]

Mail disturbance

2016-12-19 11:20 The mail services are working as intended again. 2016-12-19 11:00 […]

Emergency network maintenance window Karlskrona KNA1

2016-11-18 01:40 City Control Panel is now working again, we’re sorry for […]

Network outage Karlskrona

2016-11-14 22:00 The root cause of the disturbance earlier today has been verified […]

login issue with

2016-10-07 09:09 CEST The issue with the control panel is now resolved […]

Minor electrical issues Karlskrona

2016-09-21 12:25 The emergency electrical work have been carried out successfully and […]