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Linux shared environment

Update 2012-06-17 15:00 Most of the infected sites have been restored from […]

Performance – Shared hosting

2012-06-11 10:24 At 8:40 this morning a disk synchronization finished running. This […]

Performance issues – FTP

Some of our customers might be having performance issues with our FTP […]

Maintenance – Shared Hosting

During the next week we will make even more upgrades in our […]

Performance issues – Shared hosting

During this week some of our customers have been subjected to poor […]

FTP service

Update 23.00 The load is okej and everything should be back to […]

DDos attack

17:00: The attack has been resolved again. 16:55: The attack began again. […]

Problem to connect to MySQL databases

Solved 11:00 – The problem has been resolved. If you have specific […]