City Network Status

Archive for July, 2012

CityCloud Unscheduled Restart of machines

At 15:40 a slight problem occured with one of the storage nodes […]

Control panel

We are currently experiencing some problems with our control panel. This may […]

Web mail

We have a small disturbance in our web mail service. As far […]

Dos – CityCloud

A flood attack targeting a Virtual Server in CityCloud caused low network […]

Outage Shared Hosting

Update 10/7 16:50 The problem is resolved and all sites should be […]

Linux6 Outage

Update 10/7 16:50 Everything should now be up and running om server […]

Hardware Failure boxwin7

Hardware are replced and the server is running at full capacity again. […]

City Cloud Planned VM Migration

Our scheduled maintenance where we are replacing an old storage node with […]