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Performance issue on storage node

10:26 Problem solved. Several machines had write and read operations that were […]

Incoming DDoS to City Cloud and storage problem

2012-09-11 12:34 The main problem is resolved and we are now cleaning […]

DoS Attack

21.50 The source of the DoS Attack has been identified and the […]

DoS Attack

15.05 Traffic has maintained normal behavior during the day. Closing issue as […]

Shared hosting

05:58 All shared hosting services are up and running again.   05:33 […]

Maintenance – Webmail

Today with start at 22.00 we will perform an upgrade of our […]

Outage onlinebackup

15:25 Service is up and running again after maintenance.   14:33 Onlinebackup […]

High loads on some City Cloud nodes.

13:44 All traffic runs as it should and all nodes are normal. […]