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City Cloud (Solved)

09:31 All affected VMs are now up and running again. If you […]

Maintenance City Cloud

01:23 Maintenance complete, administration interface is now up and working again, no […]

Immediate restart of MySQL

01:53 Restart of MySQL service completed. 01:50 Due to a lockup issue […]

Phone outage

The problem have been resloved by our provider.   Our phone provider […]

Admin interface – City Cloud

12:43 Issue has been fixed. Admin interface is fully functioning. This did […]

Outage shared hosting Windows 6

14.15, The issue is now resolved and all sites should be up […]

General Outage (Solved)

22:39 Technicians have now solved all problems related to the outage and […]

Maintenance Webbmail

After the upgrade, we have problems with some features in our webmail.  There […]

Maintenance, City Cloud

03:05 All virtual machines have now booted and everything should work as […]

Maintenance, City Cloud

07:57 All virtual machines are now running again. 07:17 We are now […]

Outage shared hosting

01:42 All services up and working again. 01:32 Websites and dns are […]

Maintenance – Webmail

Today with start at 01.00 and during the night we will perform an […]

Shared web hosting – functions

Right now there are problems reaching certain function via Technicians are […]

Maintenance, Onlinebackup

02:50 Maintenance completed, backup services are up and running again. If you […]

Minor disturbances, shared hosting

We had some web servers which had some disturbances in performing their […]