City Network Status

Archive for December, 2014

Possible delays in registering domains and create websites.

Since a few hours back we had delays in our domain registration […]

Emergency maintenance City Cloud Karlskrona

2014-12-22 01:55 All servers have now been started, if you have many […]

Shared Web Hosting

2014-12-19 16:20 During the day we have monitor off our shared environment […]

Minor update on My City

We are preforming a minor update on My City. (Shared hosting controlpanel) […]

Boxwin14 outage

2014-12-05: We have now migrated all sites to our new environment. Owners […]

Network issues between datacenters

2014-12-02 02:10 We have normal operations back online again. 2014-12-02 00:50 We […]