City Network Status

Maintenance – Shared hosting environment

Update 07:00 – Everything went fine during the night. We are now running all shared SQL databases with SSD-disks. This means better performance for all sites using databases. The machines are new and faster as well. The last SQL server was up around 6:30 this morning – so a slight delay in our plans. Thanks for your patience this evening and we hope you enjoy the improved performance.

Maintenance work  1:st of June

We will take down a large part of our shared hosting environment on Friday morning (June 1). We will make a number of upgrades to make sure our shared environment has the very best performance possible. There will be a lot of added disk drives in our general storage nodes but also SQL servers will be taken off line to go to SSD-drives.

As we take down our shared storage nodes a majority of our shared hosting customers will face some downtime. Those who also get improved SQL performance might get slightly longer downtime than others. Our service window is between midnight and 05:00 on the first of June (Friday). However we only expect downtime to be between 2 and 3 hours.

Thank you for your patience during these upgrades as we do everything in our power to give your service the best possible performance in a shared environment.

Thank you.