City Network Status

Stockholm network disturbance

21:09 The Beta-note of City Cloud in Stockholm is now back online. The vast majority of virtual machines are now up and running. If your VM is not online, you can now reach the control panel and reboot it.

21:00 We still have issues in the data center in Stockholm and here is a recap of todays unfortunate events as they occured:

  • 14:00 Our monitoring systems started showing unusual amounts of traffic being sent our way
  • 14:10 A full scale DDoS attack, aimed at our servers, disabled the entire Beta-node of City Cloud in Stockholm
  • Until about 20:00 – DDoS
  • 20:00 The attack has slowed down, allowing us to locate and block the attack
  • 20:10 The attack has been mitigated and technicians are now bringing back the City Cloud service
  • Additional information: Technicians are on their way to our Stockholm datacenter to install additional hardware and security systems. The Stockholm node has been in Beta since it´s launch in early june and we will now do some maintenance before launching the service

16:50 Technicians are now on their way to the datacenter to invesigate and resolv the problem. No ETA at the moment for when the problem might be resolved.

15:26 We investigate still what the problem is in Stockholm.

14.16 We have  a network disturbance that affects our City Cloud nodes in Stockholm and our network provider is currently investigating the issue.