City Network Status

Connectivity issue, Stockholm

10:55: The issue was reported as solved at 09:50.

The planned work our network supplier performed is completed at 09:50 and they report that almost all service is restored. However- they report that there are still some problem with internet service from their side because other operators have blocked them, but they are trying to contact them to resolve this problem.


09:35: A short status update: We have no new information from our network supplier, but we will keep posting updates as soon as we have more information.


08:40: The latest update we have is that the issue is due to a maintenance work that is performed by our network supplierĀ that is taking longer time than expected. The latest ETR our network supplier has informed us is that we will be online again at 09:30.


We are at the moment facing connectivity issues with the equipment located in Stockholm.

Our technicians are working on solving this issue.

2013-09-25 12:32 Our network supplier are reporting problem in the Stockholm area in general.


2013-09-25 12:52 The connectivity issues seem to have been solved. We are monitoring extra closely and awaiting a report from our network provider.