City Network Status

Citycloud, connectivity issue

2013-09-29 07:00 This issue has been completely resolved, a small subset of the affected VM’s were rebooted as part of this. If you’re still experiencing problems with a VM of yours we¬† recommend that you log in to the control panel at where you can find a builtin VNC client on the “Connect” tab for your VM. This way you can access it as if it was a server you had a monitor and keyboard plugged in to, and you can use this to troubleshoot your VM. If you can’t solve it yourself, please contact our support at

2013-09-29 06:20 The issue has been resolved and VM’s are now coming back online, we continue to monitor this process.

2013-09-29 05:40 We have located the issue and are working on resolving it.

2013-09-29 04:30 We are still investigating the issue.

2013-09-29 04:00 There are a few VM’s which are unreachable at the moment. We are currently investigating the issue.