City Network Status

Maintenance City Cloud

2013-11-04 06:22 We have monitored City Cloud carefully since the last update and everything should now be working correctly. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

2013-11-04 05:56 All VMs have now been started. Please note though that if you have tasks needed that doesn’t start automatically on boot you will need to login to your server and start those manually. If your server is not coming up at all, please also check via VNC in the control panel to see what has happened. For example Ubuntu is known to sporadically hang in the bootloader, in this case you will see a boot menu, where you can just press enter to make the server boot up.

2013-11-04 04:45 The general storage issue has been resolved, most VMs have been unresponsive for about an hour, but should have started responding as normal in the last 15 minutes. The maintenance work on one of the storage systems is also complete and we are now going to work on bringing the VMs affected by that online again.

2013-11-04 03:50 The equipment that we have performed maintenance on has brought down the whole storage system for the whole of City Cloud. We are working on investigating the cause of this.

2013-11-04 03:00 The maintenance is going to take a bit longer than initially expected due to unexpected hardware issues.

2013-11-04 01:07 We are now starting this maintenance work.

2013-10-25 15:40 We are going to perform maintenance work on one of the storage systems for City Cloud. The maintenance will occur on the 4th of November which a start time of 01:00 and an expected completion time of 03:00. During this time a few VMs will be unavailable. The affected customers will be contacted about this.