City Network Status

Outage City Cloud

2014-03-16 00:15 We are now done with the last VMs and all VMs affected by this outage are back online. If there is any services you are using on your VM that are not automatically started at boot time you will need to start these yourself. We also suggest that you reconfigure them to start automatically at boot time, read the documentation for your operating system for more information on how that is done. If there arises any issues related to your VM which you think may be related to this outage, don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

2014-03-16 23:35 Most VMs are now back online, we are working on the last few.

2014-03-16 23:10 The issue has been resolved, and we are now working on getting all affected VMs back online.

2014-03-16 22:14 The issue has been located and we are working on resolving it.

2014-03-16 21:50 We are experiencing issues with one of the storage systems, technicians are investigating.