City Network Status

Problem to connect to MySQL databases

Solved 11:00 – The problem has been resolved. If you have specific problems with your databases or connecting to your databases, please contact our support department at +46 455 690 001 or

Update 10:40 – PHPMyAdmin is working again and the problem seems to be solved. However, some tests still need to be conducted to ensure that all is well. If you have specific problems with your MySQL databases, please contact us at +46 455 900 001.

Update 09.30 – Right now we are experiencing problems to connect to databases in our new environment. Affacted databases is hosted on server mysql01 and mysql02. We have started to investigate and will come back with more information shortly.

Update 08:30 – May be disturbances when connecting through phpmyadmin or from an external site. We are working on that.