City Network Status

Network issues CityCloud Stockholm

2014-08-30 13:45 Our transit provider who had a network issue since 09:00 this morning have now resolved their issues. The traffic passing through their network should now work like normal.

2014-08-30 11:42 Correction of last statement, the second transit provider is not down, however since a lot of traffic is passing through the network of our first transit provider (which is down since 09:00) before it reaches our second transit providers network the CityCloud Stockholm datacenter may appear down from some parts of the internet.

2014-08-30 11:25 We have narrowed down the issue to our second transit provider for the CityCloud Stockholm datacenter which is currently down

2014-08-30 10:20 There are now new network issues in the CityCloud Stockholm datacenter, not related to the earlier issue though. We are investigating.

2014-08-30 09:25 We’ve been having network issues in the datacenter for CityCloud Stockholm. The issues started around 09:00 and were due to one of our transit providers constantly going up and down. We have disabled that transit provider for now and no issues should remain. Unfortunately there was issues with at the same time (even though it’s in a separate datacenter located elsewhere and not using that transit provider), so information here on would have to wait a short while.