City Network Status

DNS blocked by one of our upstreams providers

2014-09-08 10:50

All is resolved and our upstream provider removed the block. We appreciate your patience. Please also make sure you have added the third DNS server to your domain as per below. You can also have our support help you add the third DNS server to your settings.

2014-09-08 09:14

During the weekend we were affected by a DDoS-attack. One of our ISPs added a block in their network for certain traffic. It seems as though that block were too broad and blocked also DNS services for those customers utilizing that provider.

This has been worked on during the morning and traffic should start flowing again for those customers affected. If it is not working right now it will very shortly.

You are only affected by this if you are not using all our DNS servers. If you were affected do make sure you are utilizing all three DNS servers for your domain name. The three DNS servers you should use for your domain are:

We are terribly sorry for this erroneous setting and for those customers that were affected during the night.

Thanks for your patience.