City Network Status

Emergency maintenance City Cloud Karlskrona

2014-12-22 01:55 All servers have now been started, if you have many services starting on boot or if it has been a long time since the last reboot it may take a little while for your operating system to boot up fully. If you have services that are not started automatically on boot time you will have to start these.

In the event that your server doesn’t appear to boot up, please check the console output for clues of the issue by using the VNC viewer under the “Connect” tab for the server in the control panel. A known issue with especially Ubuntu servers is that sometimes Grub doesn’t automatically boot up Ubuntu and waits for someone to press “Enter”. Such issues is unfortunately something we are unable to automatically detect, but it happens very rarely.

If you’re unable to resolve eventual issues following this maintenance do not hesitate to contact our support department at

2014-12-22 01:19 The control panel is now working again for the Karlskrona zone and we have begun to start all the servers affected by this emergency maintenance.

2014-12-22 01:00 The main maintenance work is now complete, there is however complications with the provisioning system for the Karlskrona zone which we are now working on resolving. Due to this extra issue the control panel is not working for the Karlskrona zone for any customer or server.

2014-12-22 00:00 We are now starting the emergency maintenance. We will shutdown all affected servers, and when the maintenance work is over we will start them again.

2014-12-21 15:00 We will perform emergency maintenance tonight at 2014-12-22 00:00 on one of the storage systems for City Cloud Karlskrona. We estimate the maximum time needed to 3 hours and thus the latest completion time to 2014-12-22 03:00.