City Network Status

Emergency maintenance City Cloud Karlskrona

2015-01-30 06:45 All monitoring results indicate that the main problem has been solved with the new hardware and VMs are up and running. The maintenance is considered finished. We will monitor related systems extra closely during the day to ensure that no further problems occur.

2015-01-30 05:30 All VMs have now been started and we are monitoring the progress and general system status closely to ensure that everything works as expected.

2015-01-30 04:55 All hardware has now been verified to be in working order and has been stress tested. All VMs running before the maintenance window are now being started up again.

2015-01-30 04:30 We are going through some extra cautionary measures and stress tests to further make sure all problems have been solved. As soon as those are finished we will begin starting up VMs again.

2015-01-30 03:25 Hardware has been replaced and we are starting up the storage system again. After verification that everything is working as intended we will begin starting up VMs again.

2015-01-30 03:00 All virtual machines affected has now been shut off. Hardware is being replaced and the servers will be started up again after the maintenance is done.

2015-01-30 00:30 Beginning shut down of affected virtual machines.

2015-01-29 16:00 We will perform emergency maintenance tonight, starting at 00:00 with an expected latest completion time of 05:00. This maintenance aims to fix issues discovered during the outage earlier this afternoon. We will contact all affected customers directly by email, and inform about this, complete with a list of the affected servers for each customer.