City Network Status

One storage node with degraded performance

2015-05-21 19:00

The faulty hardware has been replaced. The disk images were unavailable between 18:20 and 18:50. Virtual machines should recover, if you have problems with a virtual machine, please reboot it and see if that resolves the problem. If problems persist and you are unable to solve them by yourself, please contact

2015-05-21 16:45

The faulty hardware will be replaced during an emergency service window between 17:00 and 20:00. There will be a period during that time where disk images are unavailable of around 15-20 minutes and VMs should recover after that time.

2015-05-21 13:39

We have located the problem to hardware failure. A significant part of the storage node has disks that are not responding but are not taken out of service. We are looking at the chassies as well as the many disks affected. It degrades performance – sometimes significantly.

2015-05-21 12:15
Currently we are looking into possible degraded performance in one of the storage nodes in Karlskrona. This can affect VMs located in City Cloud in the Karlskrona data center. We will continue to update here as soon s we have more information.