City Network Status

Planned maintenance OpenStack

2015-08-24 13:00 Note that we are seeing some issues with newly assigned floating IPs not showing up in user interface. It’s however possible to see them under the floating IP tab, even though it might take some time for it to show up there as well. We are working on this issue.

2015-08-24 05:15 The part of the network in Stockholm that affected a small percentage of VMs has now been fixed. We apoogize for the inconvenience. All VMs should operate normally and should you for some reason have problems feel free to contact our support with any further questions.

2015-08-24 00:27 Still working on those VMs that do not have proper network. We have added people to the team and will continue to work hard in making sure we solve the networking issue. Thanks for your patience.

2015-08-23 19:15 Same VMs are still being affected by the network problem. We have called in other technical people to make sure we do our outmost to solve the problem and get more eyes on it. The control panel can at times also feel like it is not responding as fast as it should when working with Stockholm. We are continuing to work hard to fix all aspects.

2015-08-23 17:00 There are still some VMs being affected by network problems. Very few at this point but the fix has taken longer than anybody could have expected. We apprecaite the patience from those few still affected. We are working hard and will continue to do so until it is completely fixed.

2015-08-23 14:00 Due to the failed hardware – those servers affected by it will be moved to new hardware. The move has been started but is expected to take at least another hour.

2015-08-23 12:00 We are still working on the networking in Stockholm. It was also detected that during the upgrade process some hardware failed. It is being worked on.

2015-08-23 11:00 All issues in Karlskrona should be resolved and we are still working on network issues in Stockholm. About 10-20% of servers still have trouble with networking and newly started machines as well.

2015-08-23 09:30 One network still has issues in Stockholm. We have also some reports stating problems in Karlskrona as well. This has been located to a few compute nodes which are being worked on as this is written.

2015-08-23 08:00 The updates have taken longer but almost all services are back online as they should. However in Stockholm there are still some networking issues which will be resolved during the morning – which means some servers could be affected network wise. Thank you for your patience.

2015-08-14 21:15 We have chosen to reschedule the OpenStack update until next Saturday night – Sunday morning. Midnight to 5 AM. The morning of the 23rd of August. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

2015-08-11 09:30 Rescheduled to Saturdaymorning. From midnight Friday to 5 AM Saturday morning. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.

2015-08-10 12:30 In an effort to minimize the affect of the planned maintenance we have decided to move it to Saturday night/Sunday morning. Same time applies – from midnight until 5 AM Sunday morning.

2015-08-03 11:15 We plan to perform maintenance in our OpenStack environments on Wednesday the 12th of August starting at 00:00 with an expected latest completion time of 05:00.

We expect the City Cloud interface to be down during this time. Servers will be affected between 10 and 30 minutes as we will reboot core network assets.