City Network Status

Linux6 Outage

Update 10/7 16:50

Everything should now be up and running om server Linux6. If you are noticing anything with your account that is not okej please contact our support and we will help you as soon as possible.

Update 6/7 13:30

We are still working on the FTP service to the server.

Update 6/7 10:00

Restore has completed during the night. A few web sites may have problem. We are looking into it, but please contact us via for more information.

Update 5/7 21.00

Restore to the new server from backup is still in progress. Restore of all files estimated to be done and finished during the night.
we apologize for taking so long to resolve the issue.  We will continue working on the problem and do everything we can to get your site up and running as soon as we can.

Update 5/7 15.30

Restore to the new server from backup is still in progress.

Update 5/7 14.00

Still upload homepages to new server.

Update 5/7 12.30

The configuration on the new server is now done. We are now starting to create all accounts on the new server.

Update 5/7 11.00

A new server is now installed. However, there are still some configuration to be done before we can start moving accounts to the new webserver.


Hardware failure on shared server “Linux6”. The server will be replaced by a new server and all customer-accounts will be moved to the new server. The new server is currently being installed. All sites hosted on Linux6 is down untill they have been moved. No data will be lost but there will be at least a couple hours downtime. We will come back with more information to keep you updated on the progress.