City Network Status

Network issue Karlskrona

The issue affected both units in a redundant router cluster in the core network and thus affected large parts of the KNA1 network.
We are continuing to work internally to solve this and adding more redundancy for the future.

2015-09-24 13:00 All services and connectivity is back to normal. Don’t hesitate to contact our support if you still have any connection problems with your services.

2015-09-24 11:20 We have connectivity to the our data center in Karlskrona again. All services are not restored yet and technicians are still looking to resolve the issue completely.

2015-09-24 11:05 This affects our entire Karlskrona Office including our support channels by phone and email
We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible

2015-09-24 10:44 We are currently investigating an network issue in our Karlskrona data center.