City Network Status

Maintenance CityCloud Karlskrona

2015-10-06 08:40 Access to control panel has been enabled. We’ll continue to monitor and update here if any further issues are seen.

2015-10-06 08:20 All networks are now re-provisioned and network connectivity should be restored for all VMs. We are doing some final checks before enabling access to the control panel.

2015-10-06 07:20 Most networks should now have been re-provisioned and it has been verified that network connectivity is working on networks that have been re-provisioned. There are still some networks that has not yet been re-provisioned but we still expect all networks to be up and running before 08:00.

2015-10-06 07:00 We have most likely identified the root cause and currently all networks are being re-provisioned which is a time consuming process. Networks should gradually become accessible over the following hour.

2015-10-06 06:00 Network issues have not yet been fully solved. We are working on identifying the root cause of the issues and will continuously give you updates on the progress.

2015-10-06 05:00 We are still seeing network issues in connection with the upgrade. Those are currently being worked on.

2015-10-05/06 We plan to perform maintenance in our OpenStack environments on Monday the 5th of October starting at 23:59 with an expected latest completion time of 05:00 hours.

We expect the City Cloud interface to be down during this time. Servers will be affected during this time as we will reboot core network assets.