City Network Status

Maintenance email system

2016-01-19 02:30 We have completed the maintenance work successfully and the email services is back online. There are however issues with adding/removing/changing email accounts and aliases through the control panel which we are working together with the control panel provider to solve. We currently estimate those issues to solved during the day. Those issues does not affect the service itself in any way though, just the changing of accounts through the control panel.


2016-01-19 00:00

The maintenance has been postponed 1 day due to unexpected issues which could become problematic. These issues have been handled and now we don’t see anything that could be an issue before the maintenance.

We will perform maintenance on the email system on the night between Sunday and Monday starting at 00:00 GMT+1. The maintenance work aims to improve performance and reliability. There will be partial outages during this service window, but no emails are going to be lost. We estimate the maintenance to be completed no later than 04:00.