City Network Status

Major outage

2016-04-04 00:45 We once again want to apologise for lack of information during this outage, we made a decision to focus all available resources on mitigating and ultimately resolving this issue making it possible to have it resolved faster. During the outage there have been intermittent issues with reaching our network, depending upon which of all our transit providers your traffic happened to enter via. We have many transit providers, but if your traffic happened to be directed to the failing provider it would have stopped there. This provider has now resolved their issues that affects us.

Without going into unnecessary technical details the main issue was that when we stopped announcing our network to this transit provider, they should have stopped announcing to the rest of the internet that our network could be reached through their network. This didn’t happen, which caused kind of a black hole where part of the traffic disappeared.

As of about 00:10 this was finally fixed by the transit provider and thus the issue is now fully resolved. We have since then closely monitored every service we have in detail and see no signs of further issues. All our connections to this transit provider will remain closed down until we feel satisfied that they have their network fully under control.



2016-04-03 22:13 We are since a little while ago experiencing a major outage affecting our entire network due to a transit provider having a major issue with their routing equipment. We have disabled this transit provider in all our locations, but due to the nature of the transit providers issue this is still affecting us. We are in contact with them to resolve this as soon as possible.

Due to the vast amount of work such an outage imposes upon us, we have been forced to prioritise a little, where we dedicated our resources towards getting a solution to this going before writing here. We apologise for the inconvenience that the lack of information may have presented.