City Network Status

Disturbance shared hosting

2016-05-24 09:00 We are working on this continuously. It is not a single solution we are working on, but several. Some of these may make greater impact than other, but we do hope that it will improve in total. We are trying to find websites that are hacked and overloading our storage and also identifying sites that have grown out of a shared web hosting environment. These are things we do continuously. We are also looking into rebuilding storage as well as looking over the infrastructure between individual servers.
We can only stress that we are taking this very seriously from our end and doing what we can to improve the experience. We ask for your understanding in this.

2016-05-23 21:30 We’re still seeing issues that we are looking into.

2016-05-21 11.10 Measures to prevent 500 errors in our shared environment have now been taken. We are currently evaluating the impact of these changes. Right now, the status is that most websites should be fully functional.

2016-05-21 09.50 There are still issues with sites in the shared environment that get 500 errors. Technicians are working to solve the problems but we are currently unable to say how long this might take.

2016-05-20 15:50 We are seeing some improvements but continue working to make it work even better.

2016-05-20  13:30 We are seeing some issues with our shared hosting environment. Websites are loading slowly and or gets error 500.