City Network Status

Outage CityCloud

2012-08-14 04:15 All virtual machines are now up and running again. If you are still seeing any related problems, please contact our support.

2012-08-14 02:15 The work is going in the right direction. Our technicians are still at work, but more and more virtual machines are being started. They are also checking for servers that need to be restarted due to this incident.

2012-08-14 01:40 More and more physical blades are going online. Our technicians are still working on solving the problem, but it seems for the moment to be under control.

2012-08-14 01:00 The chassi which were involved in the incident has been restarted and the physical blades will be restarted one by one to minimize the damage. There can still be some disturbance, but hopefully it will be a minimum to those virtual machines not on the involved chassi.

2012-08-14 00:10 We have idenfied the problem to be hardware related to one of the chassis which disturbed network traffic to and from the storage network.

There is currently an unscheduled outage on City Cloud services, Technical staff is on site and will bring all services back online as soon as possible.