City Network Status

Minor electrical issues Karlskrona

2016-09-21 12:25 The emergency electrical work have been carried out successfully and without causing any service issues. We have also investigated the exact issues causes by this and have concluded that thanks to redundancy not many services were affected. About 1/20th of this datacenter lost one power feed and only a couple of servers lost both power feeds. The only real customer-impact of the issues have been on the Windows shared hosting environment where about half of the webservers in the clusters went down which have probably resulted in a performance hit. We will make sure that these servers are reconnected so that they won’t go down because one power feed is lost.

We are also launching a more thorough inspection of all electrical circuits in this datacenter to find any other potential future issues before they hit us.

2016-09-21 09:00 The immediate fault have been fixed by the electricians, there are however more work to be done, which shouldn’t cause any service interruptions, but we want to inform that emergency electrical work is being carried out to prevent this from happening again.

2016-09-21 08:35 We have identified the source of the outage as an electrical fault and electricians are on their way to the datacenter.

2016-09-21 07:40 We are experiencing an unknown outage in Karlskrona, investigation is in progress.