City Network Status

Planned maintenance: City Cloud Karlskrona (Kna1) OpenStack upgrade

2016-10-17 04:45 Upgrade of Openstack in Kna1 datacenter to Mitaka is now finished. No servers have been restarted but experienced loss of network access during 2-4 hours .

2016-10-16 22:00 CET The upgrade procedures is being started. More information will follow during the maintenance window. All OpenStack based services in will be affected during the service window.

2016-10-16 22:00 CET (21:00 GMT, 16:00 EDT) An upgrade of Openstack from Liberty to Mitaka in the City Cloud Karlskrona (Kna1) datacenter will be performed. API:s and control panel will experience some downtime. Network issues may be seen intermittently during the maintenance window. API-calls to other datacenters may be affected during some time as well.