City Network Status

Disturbance Datacenter

2016-10-31 08:40 Technicians have been monitoring services this weekend and concluded that all services are up and running. If you have questions or still experience fault with your services please contact our support.

2016-10-28 17:15  General functionality have been restored. We still have technical staff that are fixing minor issues in the environment. Don’t hesitate to contact our support if you’re still experiencing problems.

2016-10-28 15:58 Most of our systems is now up and running. We are still restoring some minor issues and doing overall checks. Please report any issues to There is a delay in sent out emails.

2016-10-28 14:22 Shared web hosting environment functionality restored. There are still some disturbances with FTP, technicians are working to solve them as quickly as possible.

2016-10-28 13:13 Functionality restored on most systems. We will monitor the progress and continue to solve disturbances that might still affect some functionality.

2016-10-28 12:17 Our technicians are still working on the issues that has affected our web hosting environment. Many web pages in the web hosting environment are still not loading properly

2016-10-28 11:25 City Cloud generation 1 is now service-wise fully operational, due to heavy load the controlpanel might not always work though. All virtual machines have been abruptly powered off as a result of the outage and and have since then been powered on by us. It is highly likely that your machines are going to want to perform a so-called disk-check (fsck), this may very well require your interaction. You can access your machines using the console feature in the control panel. In most cases we can’t do this for you as most operating systems require the root password for this, which we don’t have for your machines. If you are unable to get your machines working yourself, you can contact support at Do not call, but send an email instead. It will get handled but please be aware that our support department is working under a very heavy load right now.

2016-10-28 10:54 We are continuously restoring virtual machines, services related to our web hosting and the e-mail service.

2016-10-28 10:39 Technicians are continuously working on the issues.

2016-10-28 10:13 Most VM’s in City Cloud generation 1 is now fully funcitonal. Still some storage issues to be solved and which affect a handful of clients. – technicians continue to work on this issue

2016-10-28 10:05 Issues due to the outage are continuously solved. Please continue to report back if you have specific problems with your virtual machines in City Cloud OpenStack (email us at:

2016-10-28 10:00 City Cloud OpenStack in the affected data center (Karlskrona) fully restored. All VMs have been restarted, please check your VM’s.

2016-10-28 09:55 Technicians are working on resolving the issue, where systems are gradually coming back online. Reason for outage was power/UPS related.

2016-10-28 09:37 Technicians are working om the issue. More and more services are getting restored

2016-10-28 09:21 Most of our services are restored. Technicians are still restoring downed services.

2016-10-28 08:49 Issue has been located and technicians are working on restoring full functionality.

2016-10-28 08:30 Affected services are Webhosting serivces, CityCloud Karlskrona and E-mail serivce.

2016-10-28 08:10 We are currently experiencing issues. Technicians are looking into the issue.