City Network Status

Maintenance CityCloud Stockholm

2017-05-04 02:05 The maintenance has been completed and storage systems have been fully online since about half an hour ago, and have remained stable and performing. If you still experience any kind of issues with your VMs or services, please try restarting services or even VMs before contacting our support department. Some operating systems may be more sensitive than others.

2017-05-03: As a friendly reminder we want to point out the planned maintenance work for tonight. Keep in mind that this affects storage, and should not affect the running virtual servers. However, we want to emphasize the need to ensure functionality after the maintenance window, and potentially restart any problematic VM before contacting our support.

2017-04-25: We are going to perform maintenance work focused on the storage system for the compute instances aimed to improve the performance as well as preparational works for an even higher level of information security certifications. We will start the maintenance work at 23:30 Wednesday the 3rd of May and we estimate the latest completion time to 03:00 the same night. Dates and times are local to Sweden, GMT+2. This maintenance will only affect the compute services and not the network itself or for example the object storage services. The maintenance work will affect both OpenStack and a select few customers of the older generation 1 CityCloud platform.