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Planned maintenance: City Cloud London (Lon1) OpenStack upgrade

Continuous updates during upgrade

2018-03-21 07:00 CET – 2018-03-22 07:00 CET : An upgrade of OpenStack from Newton to Ocata in the City Cloud London (Lon1) datacenter will be performed. API:s and control panel will experience some downtime. Network issues may be seen intermittently during the maintenance window.

Dear Valued Customer,

City Network would like to inform you that we have planned maintenance as scheduled above.

We are upgrading LON1 from Newton to Ocata (versions of OpenStack). This upgrade is also path to full GDPR compliance by May of 2018. During the spring we will continue to make upgrades reaching minimum of Ocata but in some locations Pike.

We expect the following in LON1 Data center:

  1. APIs: Will be affected sporadically during the service window. Expected down time 2-3 hours.
  2. Servers: Not expected to be affected, but in certain circumstances we might need to power off or reboot VMs.
  3. Network: Expect to encounter disturbances for short periods of time. This may occur several times throughout the maintenance window. If all your servers are connected through one router or one network, those servers could lose connectivity during those moments. Overall this part of the upgrade will happen evening and night time.
  4. Control panel: Expected to be down at moments spread throughout the maintenance window. Down time for the Control panel does not affect servers and network.

Follow status at for updates.

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