City Network Status

Onlinebackup upgrade (Awareness and check required)

2018-06-26 14:30 We can’t see any immediate issues with the backup clients and backup schedules after the upgrade. Monitoring is still in progress.

2018-06-26 11:00 The upgrade has been completed.  Monitoring of backup clients and backup schedules has begun.

2018-06-26 09:00 The upgrade of our Onlinebackup service has begun.

On Tuesday 26 June we will perform an upgrade to our backup system, Onlinebackup, in City Cloud.

We have scheduled a service window for this between 8am – 5pm, a time window that we have determined to be optimal due to the minimum amount of clients running scheduled backups during these times. The upgrade brings a number of key performance and technical improvements to the backup system as a whole including various disaster recovery requirements to match the latest technology.

This particular upgrade can cause interruptions on the few backups that are scheduled during the upgrade window and should cause minor downtime. When we have performed the upgrade however, all client software versions will be able to connect to the newly upgraded servers with higher version numbers, and upgrade themselves on one condition: That you haven’t disabled the Automatic Software Upgrade feature in your backup client.

Please open your onlinebackup client and make sure that Automatic Software Upgrade is enabled. Apart from this single check and your overall awareness of the fact that we are performing an upgrade of the backup system there is nothing more for you to do. As soon as we have performed the upgrade, your client(s) will reconnect to the backup servers, upgrade themselves and your backups should start running again.

This information has also been sent to all users of onlinebackup via email on 2018-06-19.