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Planned maintenance Object storage Kna1

2018-11-09 11.00 UTC – Maintenance window has been closed.

2018-11-09 09.00 UTC – Maintenance window have started.

On Friday, November 9th we will make a small change to our object storage service in our Kna1 public cloud region. Most applications will be completely unaffected by the change, and continue to function unchanged. There are some small edge cases in which custom applications might be affected, so we encourage you to review the rest of this email to be fully informed.

What we are changing, and why
Our object storage service in the Kna1 region currently exposes its Swift API endpoint in the following format:

After the change, the endpoint URL will also include your Keystone tenant ID, in the following format: /” target=”_blank”><tenant_id>/
This change is necessary to enable two important features in OpenStack object storage, namely public read ACLs, and temporary URLs.

User impact, preparations
Most OpenStack applications do not ever use the OpenStack object storage API endpoint directly. Instead, they look up the object-store service in the Keystone service catalog, and use the endpoint URL retrieved from there. This is true for the swift and openstack command line clients, the python-swiftclient application library in combination with python-keystoneclient, and many other client libraries. Since we will be simultaneously updating the object storage endpoint and its corresponding service catalog entry, most applications will be completely unaffected by this change.

Only in the event that your application has been using the current URL format without ever consulting the Keystone service catalog, you would need to change your application’s configuration (this may be the case for some monitoring scripts, for example). If and only if this applies to your application, you would have to update the endpoint URL that it uses. If you suspect that your application may be affected, and are unsure how to proceed, please contact City Cloud Support.

Maintenance windows
We will apply this change between 09:00 and 10:00 UTC on 2018-11-09. During this time, we anticipate a degraded object storage service for 15 minutes or less, as the change is being applies. You are always welcome to follow updates at