City Network Status

Shared Web Hosting: Intermittent performance issues

2012-09-14 10:02 We have been monitoring this over the last 6 hours and all systems run as normal as of 3 AM CET this morning. We believed that we had it fixed already yesterday but found more issues. In addition to our firewall configuration issues there was an intermittent DDoS that only happened every so often. This originated internally. However for the 30-60 seconds that it was happening it was strong enough to affect respons times for a large amount of customers. This has been completely removed and we do not see any type of traffic like this over the past 6 hours.

All in all these combined issues have over the past 48 hours intermittently given many customers a degradation in response times and general performance as well as shown unresponsive.

2012-09-13 07:14 We are currently working on some intermittent performance issues in our shared web hosting environment that affects a limited number of customers.