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Planned maintenance: City Cloud Karlskrona (KNA1) Storage maintenance

Update 2019-02-12 23.00 CET: Maintenance has begun. Region KNA1 has been disabled in CityControlPanel.

Update 2019-02-12 23.05 CET: Shutdown of all services except keystone, neutron and nova on Openstack control plane (KNA1).

Update 2019-02-12 23.29 CET: Stopping all virtual instances (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-12 23.41 CET: All virtual instances stopped (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-12 23.55 CET: Storage backend upgrade started (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-12 23.59 CET: Security patching has started (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 00.55 CET: Storage system booting after upgrade (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 01.15 CET: Storage system encountered problems during boot, troubleshooting ongoing (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 01.35 CET: Storage system boot problem resolved, pending boot finalization (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 01.43 CET: Storage system done booting, validating connectivity before starting virtual instances (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 01.50 CET: Starting up services on Openstack control plane (KNA1).

Update 2019-02-13 01.58 CET: Starting nova and neutron on compute nodes and verify power state of virtual instances – starting instances previously running before maintenance (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 02.20 CET: All previously running virtual instances have started, cross validation ongoing (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 02.38 CET: All virtual instances running and cross validation completed (KNA1)

Update 2019-02-13 02.42 CET: Region KNA1 has been enabled in CityControlPanel.

Update 2019-02-13 02.45 CET: Maintenance has been completed. Service window closed!




Original post below:

2019-02-12 22:00 UTC (23:00 CET) – 2019-02-13 04:00 UTC (05:00 CET): Storage Maintenance

Dear Valued Customer,

City Network would like to inform you that we have planned maintenance as scheduled above.

We expect the following in KNA1 Data center:

  1. Major upgrade of storage cluster. Up to four hours ”complete” downtime for some customers should be expected. Customer information will also be sent out by mail.

Follow status at for updates.

If you have further questions, please contact our support at


City Network