City Network Status

Virtual network disturbance in STO2 (re-opened)

2019-07-31 12.25:
We are tracking a network disturbance likely related to Openstack SDN services, affecting a limited amount of routers.

2019-07-31 12.30:
Due to a service disruption on one of our net nodes in region STO2, a limited amount of virtual routers are unresponsive.

2019-07-31 12.59:
All virtual routers migrated off the affected net node and problem has been resolved.
If you experience any continued issue, please contact City Cloud Support.

2019-08-01 13.50
We are seeing similar issues as yesterday with intermittent or partial disturbance and in some cases outages related to individual Openstack routers.
Troubleshooting has started

2019-08-01 14.50
Issues persists as of 13.50 and troubleshooting continues.

2019-08-01 16.15
The majority of the affected virtual routers have been restored.
If you continue to experience any connectivity-related problems, please contact City Cloud Support.