City Network Status

Network disturbance region FRA1 (Frankfurt, Germany)

2019-12-16 23.18 CET:
Failing switch stack member is back online and joined the stack. Traffic flows uninterruptedly and incident has been resolved.
If any customer still experience disturbances, please contact City Cloud support – by emailing

2019-12-16 22.40 CET:
CN Backline Network Engineer has connected by remote console, to aid the onsite technician. Problem persists.

2019-12-16 22.02 CET:
CN Onsite technician has power cycled the failing switch, but to no avail. Troubleshooting continues….

2019-12-16 21.18 CET:
City Network NOC has detected a failure on a switch member in one of the switch clusters in region FRA1.
While the stacks are redundant in nature, we are seeing events of network disturbances.