City Network Status

[COMPLETED] Planned Maintenance region TKY1 (Tokyo) from 2020-03-02 08:00 CET to 2020-03-06 17:00 CET

2020-03-06 17.00 – Openstack upgrade to Rocky has been completed successfully. Maintenance window is now closed.
2020-03-05 08.00 – Work has started again, and the last components are being upgraded to Rocky.
2020-03-04 08.00 – Work has started again, and the upgrade to Rocky will continue throughout the day.
2020-03-04 – 08.00 – Additional information regarding data plane network disruption during Queens to Rocky Upgrade 3/3
Due to a misconfiguration in upgrade scripts, the data plane services for the region where restarted in an unexpected way, causing the otherwise highly available services to all
restart at the same time. Actions has been taken to avoid this in the future. We apologies for the inconvenience this caused.

2020-03-03 – 17.00 – Work done for today, and will continue tomorrow morning.
2020-03-03 – 15.15 – Connectivity issues are are solved. The root cause is being investigated, while the upgrade to Rocky continues in parallel.
2020-03-03 – 15.00 – We are currently tracking control plane and data plane network connectivity issues in the region.
2020-03-02 18:01 – Work done for today.

2020-03-02 08:00 – Announced maintenance have now started.


 Valued Customer,

City Network would like to inform you that we have planned maintenance as scheduled below.

Customer Intervention NOT required.

Region/datacenter: Openstack region TKY1 (Tokyo, Japan)
Maintenance window starts: 2020-03-02 08.00 CET
Maintenance window ends: 2020-03-06 17.00 CET

Maintenance scope:
Throughout the maintenance window, a number of improvements will be implemented – from functionality to security alignment.
The major part of the scope is multiple Openstack upgrades, which will offer certain new functions but also address a list of known bugs. Some functions will improve seen to maturity level and Magnum (Container Orchestation) in particular. Furthermore upgrades to the Openstack storage solution will also be performed, lifting it to a new baseline, which will address known bugs, and enable better operation and lifecycle management of the system going forward.

There will, in parallell, be work security wise to further increase protection and to address vulnerabilities. Furthermore there will be improvements to operations automation and those improvement will allow a high flexbility for us to operate the cloud more seamless.

Our ambition is to carry out the majority of the maintenance window with little to no impact on running services

Expected customer impact:
* Customers using redundant setup and using anti-affinity should experience minimal disruptions during network and compute plane upgrade of Openstack.
* Short API plane distruptions are expected throughout the maintenance window, as Openstack control plane services are being upgraded.
* During Storage system upgrade, windows of increased disk latency is expected.

Follow status at for updates.

If you have further questions, please contact our support at

City Network