City Network Status

Maintenance, City Cloud

07:57 All virtual machines are now running again.

07:17 We are now done with the maintenance since about 30 minutes and are currently starting all virtual machines which were running before the maintenance begun. We expect this step to take about 20-30 minutes.

05:53 Due to some hardware issues with one of the storage nodes the maintenance is taking a bit longer than previously expected, we will not be doing maintenance on any more storage nodes for tonight. We will reschedule that maintenance with direct information to the affected customers.

04:00 Starting maintenance work on City Cloud, a bit later because of issues not related to City Cloud. The administration interface for City Cloud is now down for everyone, however VM’s will continue to run unless they are affected by the maintenance work. All customers with affected VMs have been separately contacted.


We are going to do maintenance on Thursday next week (17th January) with a starting time of 01:00 (GMT+1) in the morning and an expected completion time of 05:00. We will upgrade some of our storage nodes and thus there will be downtime on the affected virtual machines. Expected downtime per virtual machine is between 30 minutes to at most 2 hours. During the maintenance we will also shut down the control panel for City Cloud, and we will keep track on which virtual machines where running then the maintenance starts and then make sure those are started again when the maintenance completes.